Enchanted Tiki Room PRE SHOW at Disneyland.

Maybe you haven’t noticed all the tiki statues ALOHA-ing you in the courtyard before the main show. Well these tikis have their own pre-show, and I have everything for you right here. And there’s even a video at the end so you can see and hear it all!

Maui Tiki

Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room god Maui who roped the playful sun in pre show

The Maui sign reads (next to the Tiki statue):

Maui who roped the playful sun.

Through his mystic powers,
he made the sun keep regular hours.
Maui tells us time to go –
time for wondrous Tiki show.

Maui show audio:

“My name is Maui. Natives call me the Mighty One. I tamed the playful sun and gave my people time. Now they set their clocks by mine, for I am Tropic Standard Time.”