The Amazing Hidden – Pascal the Chameleon – at Disneyland California

Pascal is that pesky, sneaky, funny lizard-chameleon who befriends Rapunzel while she’s locked up in an isolated tower. Pascal was first introduced as a Disney character in the animated movie, Tangled, in 2010. I dare say – not many people know this, but there is a hidden Pascal in Disneyland, and I will show you exactly where.

Pascal and Maximus in animated film Tangled
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First let’s set the stage. The movie, Tangled, is an updated version of the story of Rapunzel – a folk tale written by the Brothers Grimm and first released in 1812. Without getting into the nitty gritty of the story, a key development, and central to the story, is that Rapunzel is imprisoned in a remote and isolated tower.