Casey Jr Circus Train in Disneyland

Want to learn all about the Casey Jr Circus Train? You’ve come to the right place! First I’ll tell you about the attraction itself and then take you for a ride on the train in my short video below.

Close up of Casey Jr Circus Train in Disneyland

Disneyland Mugo Pine

The oldest living tree in Disneyland

You will never guess what the oldest living thing in Disneyland is. If you’re thinking along the lines of a plant, or hedge, or tree, you’re on the right track. This has everything to do with Walt’s meticulous attention to detail and desire to get things precisely right for his guests. It’s a fascinating story to hear about the lengths to which Disney went in 1955 to get everything as perfect as possible. (2020 update – this is definitely not a Mugo Pine – it’s been misidentified for years. Read further below for the correct identification of this oldest-living tree in Disneyland.)

Mugo pine Disneyland's oldest tree in StoryBook Land Anaheim California

Arrow points to a Mugo Pine – Disneyland’s oldest living tree