Light Fixtures of the Disneyland Parks

Have you ever noticed the incredible light fixtures in Disneyland? Here is my photo gallery of some of Disney’s most exquisite designs.

Yellow metal and glass light fixture in Pieces of Eight Shop in New Orleans Square Disneyland
Pieces of Eight

There’s a lot to see in Disneyland, but have you ever stopped to really look at the details? Have you noticed the incredible light fixtures? Not only are they exquisitely designed, they’re also “themed” to each section or land of the parks in which they light the way. They’re all part of the architecture, landscaping, fauna/flora, music, cast member costumes, and even aromas in the air that – together – transport you to another time and place. And that magical place is far, far away from the hustle and bustle of the 3 million+ citizens of Orange County, CA. (Note: I update these galleries, so check back here for more pictures of Disney light fixtures.)

Light fixtures of Main Street USA

Main Street USA Disneyland Anaheim

You might have heard that Main Street USA was inspired by Walt’s boyhood home of Marceline, Missouri. Agreed. But did you know that it was also influenced by Harper Goff’s hometown of Ft. Collins, Colorado? Main Street is designed to have the look and feel of a typical American small town around the turn of the century (circa 1900).

Light fixtures of New Orleans Square

New Orleans Square opened on July 24, 1966 or about 11 years after the official opening of Disneyland in 1955. Its opening ceremony would be Walt’s last major public appearance. This three-acre “land” can only be found in Disneyland, California.

Light fixtures of The Grand Californian Hotel

The Grand Californian Hotel and Spa opened in 2001 and was inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early Twentieth Century. Pictured above is the cavernous and gorgeous central lobby, which soars six stories high. If interested in one form of art in this hotel, see my post on the “Grotesque Birds.”

Light Fixtures of Disney California Adventure Park

Flickr: Anna Fox

Disney California Adventure is a 14 acre theme park that opened in 2001 and built on the site of the old parking lot for Disneyland.

Light Fixtures of Fantasyland

NEW refurbished Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland California 2019
Sleeping Beauty Castle

Fantasyland – the most magical of all the lands. The attractions here have a deep connection with Walt’s movies, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan; Pinocchio, Dumbo, Casey Jr. Circus Train and, of course, Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Light Fixtures of Adventureland

Newly refurbished Adventureland overhead sign in 2019

This approximate 4 acre land is one of the least changed since opening day in 1955. It’s also one of the most densely landscaped areas in all of Disneyland with thousands of trees and shrubs, especially along the route of the Jungle Cruise.

Light fixtures of Tomorrowland

Entrance to Tomorrowland Disneyland with Astro Orbitor attraction in the background

When Tomorrowland first opened in 1955, it targeted 1986 as the “future.” That was the year Halley’s comet was set to return. The challenge is that 1986 and other future dates keep coming to pass. Walt Disney himself once said, “tomorrow is a heck of a thing to keep up with.”

Light Fixtures of Club 33

New entrance door to Disneyland Club 33 located in New Orleans Square

Club 33 is a private dining facility located in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, and I have been extremely fortunate to visit it upon occasion through the kindness of a friend.

Light Fixtures of Frontierland

Entrance to Frontierland in Disneyland CA constructed of authentic Ponderosa Pine logs

When Disneyland opened in 1955, Frontierland was the largest of all the lands taking up a full one-third of the entire park. Later, New Orleans Square and Bear Country (now Critter Country) reduced its footprint to the West. Early in the planning for Disneyland, Walt insisted that one of the lands be dedicated to “America’s frontiers.”