Disneyland weather vanes, roof ornaments, and spires

There is so much to see in Disneyland that most people just don’t have a chance to look “up.” But just in case you do, Disney has you covered.

There is so much to see in Disneyland that most people just don’t have a chance to look “up.” But in case you do, Disney has you covered. If you haven’t noticed, Disney imagineers are extremely meticulous in designing tiny details into every nook and cranny of the Disneyland Resort – including the rooftops! Try looking up and you might see a spire or weather vane or roof ornament just about anywhere. Here are just a few examples to get you started.

Mr Toad weather vane on top of Mr Toads Wild Ride in Disneyland Fantasyland

Mr. Toad is getting ready to go on one of his zany motoring trips in this weather vane on top of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in Fantasyland.

Fantasyland roof ornaments and weather vanes

Jolly Roger galleon roof spire or ornament on top of Peter Pan's Flight attraction in Fantasyland Disneyland

Rising to the top of the spire on the clock tower at Peter Pan’s Flight is none other than the Jolly Roger – otherwise known as Captain Hook’s pirate ship.

Tick-Tock the Crocodile roof spire on Peter Pan in Disneyland Fantasyland

And let’s not miss Tick-Tock the Croc also on the roof of Peter’s Pan’s Flight.

Roof ornament on Pinocchio's Daring Journey in Disneyland Fantasyland

On the other side of the Fantasyland courtyard, we find Pinocchio on top of the attraction named for him, Pinnochio’s Daring Journey.

Stork and whale roof ornaments or spires on roof of Pinocchio's Daring Journey in Disneyland Fantasyland

Also on Pinnochio’s roof are a stork holding a baby and a whale weather vane. Could that be Monstro?

Golden Crown spire on top of King Arthur Carousel in DIsneyland

Let’s see what’s on top of King Arthur Carousel – that looks like the King’s golden crown.

weather vane mountain goat on Matterhorn Bobsleds loading area in Disneyland Fantasyland

Before we leave Fantasyland, here’s a peek at the mountain goat-styled weather vane atop the entrance to Matterhorn Bobsleds.

Main Street USA weather vanes

Mary Poppins weather vane on roof of Jolly Holiday Restaurant in Disneyland California

Mary Poppins with her magic carpetbag is part of the weather vane on the roof of the Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe. See the carpetbag Mary is holding? Disney Imagineers placed two pennies in it – one dated 1955 for the year Disneyland opened, and one dated 2012 for the year Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe opened.

Gold colored rooster weather vane on top of Plaza Inn Restaurant in Disneyland

Moving to the other side of the castle hub, we find the Plaza Inn which has a gold-colored rooster on its weather vane. The Fried Chicken on the menu here is an iconic Disneyland meal.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Spire

Viollet-le-duc-spire on Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland

The beautiful Viollet-le-duc-spire on Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Toontown weather vanes and roof ornaments

City Hall roof ornament or spire at Mickeys Toontown Disneyland

In Mickey’s Toontown, we have all kinds of things happening on the roof of Toontown’s City Hall.

Heart shaped weather vane on roof of Minnie's House in Mickey's Toontown Disneyland

Minnie’s House in Toontown sports this beautiful heart-inspired weather vane.

Clarabelle Cow holding 2 ice cream cones on roof of Clarabelle's Snack Stand in Mickey's Toontown Disneyland

And here is Clarabelle Cow holding up two ice cream cones at Clarabelle’s Snack Stand/Toontown.

Miss Gadget Hackwrench weather vane on Gadget's Go Coaster in Mickeys Toontown Disneyland from Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers

Miss Gadget Hackwrench graces the weather vane on the roof of the loading area at Gadget’s Go Coaster. She’s a character from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers.

New Orleans Square weather vane

Schooner sailing ship weather vane on roof of Haunted Mansion in Disneyland

A sailing ship – a schooner actually – cutting through the waves (or air) on top of The Haunted Mansion. The ship is a nod to an early concept for the Haunted Mansion that involved a ghostly sea captain named Captain Gore.

Concept drawing of Haunted Mansion by Marvin Davis for Disneyland California

One of the very early concepts for the Haunted Mansion (above) by Marvin Davis depicted a screeching cat on the weather vane.

Critter Country weather vane

Whale shaped weather vane on top of Disneys Harbour Galley Restaurant in Disneyland

Here’s a whale swimming on the roof of the Harbour Galley Restaurant. (This is my go-to place for a lobster roll and house-made chips.)

Disney California Adventure weather vane and roof ornament

Goofys Sky School weather vane in Disney California Adventure Park Disneyland Resort

A flying Goofy is inviting you to take a ride on his Goofy’s Sky School roller coaster.

Roof ornament on Toy Story Mania in Disney California Adventure

And finally, we have a roof ornament on top of Toy Story Midway Mania in the Pixar Pier area.

These are not ALL the weather vanes and spires and roof ornaments in the Disneyland Resort by any means. Let me know in the comments if you find more and I’ll try to include them as well!

YouTube Video of Disney Weather Vanes

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