The Biggest Hidden Mickey in Disneyland

There are Hidden Mickey’s all over Disneyland. Some are so tiny, they’re almost impossible to spot, and some are so HUGE they’re also impossible to spot. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even know you’re walking right through the *largest* Hidden Mickey in Disneyland, because it’s almost invisible from ground level.

Biggest Hidden Mickey in Disneyland on Disneyland Drive aerial view

Jungle Cruise’s “Backside of Water” and Grand Californian Hotel’s “Backside of Fire”

Credit: Wiki Commons Johnnyboyca

One of the most famous lines in the Jungle Cruise’s humorous spiel is heard when your skipper maneuvers the boat behind the Schweitzer Falls overhang on the “Nile” river and proudly declares the “backside of water.” (You might even get sprayed if you’re on the port side.) And then you might also hear a pun that goes something like, ” or as we skippers like to call it, “O2H.”


The Amazing Hidden – Pascal the Chameleon – at Disneyland California

Pascal is that pesky, sneaky, funny lizard-chameleon who befriends Rapunzel while she’s locked up in an isolated tower. Pascal was first introduced as a Disney character in the animated movie, Tangled, in 2010. I dare say – not many people know this, but there is a hidden Pascal in Disneyland, and I will show you exactly where.

Pascal and Maximus in animated film Tangled
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First let’s set the stage. The movie, Tangled, is an updated version of the story of Rapunzel – a folk tale written by the Brothers Grimm and first released in 1812. Without getting into the nitty gritty of the story, a key development, and central to the story, is that Rapunzel is imprisoned in a remote and isolated tower.


Old-Vintage Tickets Booths in Disneyland, Anaheim, California

In the early days of Disneyland, you had to have a separate “ticket to ride” the attractions. In other words, guests would pay a small fee to enter the park ($1.00 in 1955), and that would allow them to stroll through all the lands, walk into free exhibits and see free shows. But to ride on one of the attractions, you had to purchase a separate ticket from a cast member in a ticket booth.

Old vintage Ticket book for Disneyland with A, B, C, D, E level tickets

Light Fixtures of the Disneyland Parks

Yellow metal and glass light fixture in Pieces of Eight Shop in New Orleans Square Disneyland
Pieces of Eight

There’s a lot to see in Disneyland, but have you ever stopped to really look at the details? Have you noticed the incredible light fixtures? Not only are they exquisitely designed, they’re also “themed” to each section or land of the parks in which they light the way. They’re all part of the architecture, landscaping, fauna/flora, music, cast member costumes, and even aromas in the air that – together – transport you to another time and place. And that magical place is far, far away from the hustle and bustle of the 3 million+ citizens of Orange County, CA. (Note: I update these galleries, so check back here for more pictures of Disney light fixtures.)


Disneyland weather vanes, roof ornaments, and spires

There is so much to see in Disneyland that most people just don’t have a chance to look “up.” But in case you do, Disney has you covered. If you haven’t noticed, Disney imagineers are extremely meticulous in designing tiny details into every nook and cranny of the Disneyland Resort – including the rooftops! Try looking up and you might see a spire or weather vane or roof ornament just about anywhere. Here are just a few examples to get you started.

Mr Toad weather vane on top of Mr Toads Wild Ride in Disneyland Fantasyland

Mr. Toad is getting ready to go on one of his zany motoring trips in this weather vane on top of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in Fantasyland.


Jabba The Hutt at Tarzan’s Treehouse in Disneyland

I have walked by this tree trunk in Adventureland a million times, and I have to admit that it took me a looooong time to even notice that there was “something” carved into the base of the tree. Some people think it’s a likeness of Jabba The Hutt. That “some people” includes me.

Jabba the Hutt likeness carved into the base of the Tarzan Tree house in Disneyland compared against the real Jabba The Hutt
Image on right: Flickr: Simon Collison

Enchanted Tiki Room PRE SHOW at Disneyland.

Maybe you haven’t noticed all the tiki statues ALOHA-ing you in the courtyard before the main show. Well these tikis have their own pre-show, and I have everything for you right here. And there’s even a video at the end so you can see and hear it all!

Maui Tiki

Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room god Maui who roped the playful sun in pre show

The Maui sign reads (next to the Tiki statue):

Maui who roped the playful sun.

Through his mystic powers,
he made the sun keep regular hours.
Maui tells us time to go –
time for wondrous Tiki show.

Maui show audio:

“My name is Maui. Natives call me the Mighty One. I tamed the playful sun and gave my people time. Now they set their clocks by mine, for I am Tropic Standard Time.”


Casey Jr Circus Train in Disneyland

Want to learn all about the Casey Jr Circus Train? You’ve come to the right place! First I’ll tell you about the attraction itself and then take you for a ride on the train in my short video below.

Close up of Casey Jr Circus Train in Disneyland

Disney’s Grotesque Bird Sculptures at the Grand Californian Hotel

California Quail bird sculpture in Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel Grotesque Bird

Ever notice these beautiful (but Grotesque) bird sculptures at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel? They’re perched near the elevators on all 6 floors, and they’re gorgeous! Here, I will tell you ALL about them. (That’s Hugh, a California Quail, pictured at left).